All That You Are

by Shot Heard Around The World

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Destinations 04:23
There will come a time where you will no longer exist and all your thoughts will be meaningless. If you’re not living each day with that in mind; then maybe you never started to truly live at all. So, this is the life that you have chosen? Whether it was wrong or right, it never mattered in the end. Keep chasing, keep chasing the sun. To lead a hollow existence is a life led solely for itself. But if your whole life has been leading you here, then you must know: We are defined by the choices that we make. So if life is just a series of destinations, then are you where you want to be? Are you searching in the same old places that brought you right back to where you began? Knowing that money and prayers are only distractions, and there's only one thing in this life that can set you free. There's only one thing that can set you free. We are defined by the choices that we make. I am defined. This is the choice that I have made.
Its like hope slipped right through our hands to weigh us down and test the strength of man. This world spins faster than you'll ever know. You refuse to go unheard, but you must learn to live loud. My whole life I've been waiting for this moment to arrive, to expel these words like bile from the back of my lungs. But when we stand so close together, trying to find your own pulse amongst a thousand beating hearts all singing: "We are all lost." I swear one day we will all come to find, that these are the moments we wish we could never leave behind. I've seen this pass by too many times, so while you can, embrace, if not just once because... Everyday is a fleeting memory. And for what it's worth, hold on to what you have. Is living too much for us? Ignoring, denying the hour glass. For what it's worth, hold on to what you have for what it's worth. We are, we are not lost. Everyday is a fleeting memory.
Open your eyes, accept what you see. Parting with the ways that this use to be. Hold up your hopes and lay down your guard. Destroying everything just to know the truth. There is a difference, a difference between living and existing. Living and existing. Open your eyes. For once in your life see this through. It took this long to find, what your truly meant to be. Only to realize you found your way back home. Giving up, giving up is giving in. You are given but one life to lead. You are given, but one life. A stranglehold on apathy when giving up is giving in. And you can walk away when there's nothing left. When there's nothing left to say. This is all you know. Open your eyes, I refuse to lay down. Open your eyes and give up your worth. I refuse. I refuse to give in to the known
Dead Weight (free) 04:25
Time after time you prove to be just a misstep in this time line moving forward. But you still wonder why... You slipped through the cracks, a floor of wasted time. When you bit the last feeding hand, who will catch you from falling? You stood proud on a tower you had no hand in building. You're drowning in your own fiction, you could never keep your head above the water. We put our faith in you, only for you to weigh us down. We worked our whole lives for this. That sinking feeling in your chest? That's just your body telling you; you're nothing more than fucking dead weight. Countless shots at redemption. You are your own plague. You said it best yourself: "I'm over it."
I understand that you want all the words you sing to sink into their skin just like mine did. But there will come a time, when all those words seem meaningless. But for you; I hope it never does. "This is all you have to live for." You will never know what you saved tonight. You cast light on an otherwise forgotten place. But you will never know that you saved my life. And I could throw away, all of the times where the road lulled back to sleep. And all of the times where I couldn't believe my eyes. So for once in your own life, believe your eyes. Oh, the things you learn to appreciate all that you have and all that you are.
The Discord (free) 03:46
Is it too late for us... It seems like only yesterday that life seemed so fitting for someone who hasn’t taken much from it. But I can’t remember the last time I could, even for a split second, forget all the things we can never change. This is the discord. At the point of letting go. This is the discord. I realize that I’ll never feel that way again. And I would give it all just to change the fact; that I’m living in the past and I can never see right in front of me. Maybe its time to open up our scars to find what's tearing us apart. What's tearing you apart? Close your eyes just to feel alive. You have become broken and discarded. Will this be the thing that pieces you together? Or just keeps pulling you apart until you can’t even recognize your own life. When will we realize, when you hold it in your hand, this is all that we have left. Will this piece you together or pull you apart? When will realize this all that we have left. Will this piece you together or pull you apart? Your life is forever changed. Is it too late for us to realize it is now until our last breath.
(This Is) 01:20
We all have faults and fault lines etched into our hearts but we’re still standing; standing for something. Problematic, I know. But this is all we got. So please, I’m begging you... wake up. We are the voice of a dying generation. Where most have tried and surrendered, I’m standing here before you. Kicking. Screaming. Until my lungs collapse. This is a dedication and eulogy to the past, present, and future. Speak. So hold up your hopes and lay down your guard. No matter what they say, this is all that you are. This is all that you are. And here I stand alone in this room recounting the days spent out on the road. Say what you will about me, say what you will about all of this. But you can never take away what I have given up. We are apart of something you’ll never understand. Joined not by blood, but by heart. You can spend a life time searching for meaning in all of this but you will wander forever. You can spend a lifetime searching but you must find yourself.
Set Free 03:20
So hold up your hopes and lay down your guard. No matter what they say; this is all that you are.


released September 24, 2013

All music written and performed by: Shot Heard Around The World
Produced by: Dean Baltulonis @ Wild Artic Studios
Mastered by: David Gardner @ Magneto Mastering


all rights reserved



Shot Heard Around The World Boston, Massachusetts

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